Has the Race Card/ Political Correctness gone too far ?



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    riley540 said:

    I think he biggest sin is white people who don't like fried chicken. I went to Popeyes once, back in Alaska and it was black central. Like have white people never heard of this shit? So fucking good

    In the immortal words of nutso Yeezy "dat shit crack"
    Once a month I allow myself a wing and a breast dinner cuz that shit'll kill ya quick.

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    No, the "race card" card has gone to far. If it quacks like racism...

    And for a party that claims to be PIC, they're the ones who throw out the "name caller" card a lot when anti Trumpers call out their BS and only watch Pure Flix propaganda.
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    my2hands said:

    "boring" soul food?????

    Get this girl some greens!!!

    Haha. I didn't mean soul food is boring. I just meant that what the school served is the most basic soul food possible, as opposed to the more interesting dishes from that food "genre". ;)
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    "Apology made to whoever it pleases, still they got me like Jesus." Chuck D
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