*** TOTD Philadelphia, PA Fanviews Here 11/4/16 ***

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Temple of the Dog
Tower Theatre
Philadelphia, PA
Nov. 4, 2016

1. Say Hello 2 Heaven
2. Wooden Jesus
3, Call Me a Dog
4. Your Saviour
5. Stardog Champion (Mother Love Bone)
6. Stargazer (Mother Love Bone)
7. Seasons (Chris Cornell)
8. Jump Into The Fire (Harry Nilsson)
9. Four Walled World
10, I’m A Mover (Free)
11. Pushin Forward Back
12. Hunger Strike
13. Quicksand (David Bowie)
14. Heartshine (Mother Love Bone)
15. Holy Roller (Mother Love Bone)
16. Reach Down

Encore Break One
17. Man of Golden Words (Mother Love Bone)/Comfortably Numb (Pink Floyd)
18. Times of Trouble
19. Achilles Last Stand ( Led Zeppelin)
20. Baby Lemonade (Syd Barrett)
21. Fascination Street (The Cure)
22. War Pigs (Black Sabbath)

Encore Break Two
23. All Night Thing

Please share your experiences of the show here...the Fanview threads are preserved on the board.

Please keep the Fanview threads for Fanviews. It's ok to begin another thread on discussions of other topics and/or debates.

Thank you!
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    Holy smokes!!

    Way better than I could have imagined
    I've met Rob


    This place is dead


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    As per Jeff Ament's Army:

    Setlist for #TOTD Philly Night One
    1. Say Hello 2 Heaven
    2. Wooden Jesus
    3. Call Me a Dog
    4. Your Saviour
    5. Stardog Champion (Mother Love Bone)
    6. Stargazer (Mother Love Bone)
    7. Seasons (Chris Cornell)
    8. Jump Into the Fire (Harry Nilsson)
    9. Four Walled World
    10. I'm a Mover (Free)
    11. Pushin' Forward Back
    12. Hunger Strike
    13. Quicksand (David Bowie)
    14. Heartshine (Mother Love Bone)
    15. Holy Roller (Mother Love Bone)
    16. Reach Down
    Encore Break (10:42-10:47)
    17. Man of Golden Words > Comfortably Numb (Pink Floyd) (Cornell solo acoustic)
    19. Times of Trouble
    20. Achilles Last Stand (Led Zeppelin)
    21. Baby Lemonade (Syd Barrett)
    22. Fascination Street (The Cure)
    23. War Pigs (Black Sabbath)
    Encore Break
    24. All Night Thing
    Thanks to Brian Ruschman
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    Amazing show with all the TOTD and MLB songs plus Achilles Last Stand and War Pigs were sick!!! Can't wait to do it again tomorrow!
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  • Can't wait to read the reviews. What a great setlist.
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  • FlameryFlamery New YorkPosts: 221
    Great show, loved the covers. Glad they started with Say Hello 2 Heaven and came full circle with the All Night Thing closer. Hope everyone enjoys the rest of the TOTD tour!
  • LanaJayLanaJay Posts: 524
  • Solid, eclectic set list -- my mind melted during the transition from Fascination Street to War Pigs. Happy to see some great MLB cuts in the mix, and Man of Golden Words into Comfortably Numb was a great first encore. Would have loved to hear Angel of Fire live...
  • demetriosdemetrios canadaPosts: 50,183
    Beautiful man! :)

  • demetriosdemetrios canadaPosts: 50,183
  • kosteva2kosteva2 Posts: 156
    Just got back. Really solid. You'd never know they haven't toured together. Played entire TOTD album. These versions all sound better than originals; they're just more talented now than 25 years ago so playing the songs better, especially the Mike parts. War Pigs and Achilles highlights. A little surprised by the set placement of Hunger Strike, thought it'd be in encore section. Crowd sang along and did the Eddie parts for the most part. Maybe if another musician from Seattle shows up to do his part they'll move it back later. Looked like an 8 foot tall Andy Wood wooden cutout on stage for Holy Roller and Reach Down. Sounded like they dubbed in some Wood vocals on Holy Roller. A little surprised that no Crown of Thorns or Mad Season stuff.
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  • That was really good. Room to grow - awesome.
  • Achilles was awesome. Obviously War Pigs too. Lots of beauty - Times of Trouble, All Night Thing, and more. Happy :)
  • This was an amazing, amazing show.

    McCready is a God damn wizard........

    The night was far from perfect, but I wouldn't trade it for anything.

  • acost016acost016 SFPosts: 40
    I know "Crown of Thorns" will make an appearance!
  • HughFreakingDillonHughFreakingDillon WinnipegPosts: 12,511
    fuck. so jealous.
  • AndySlashAndySlash Posts: 3,049
    jump into the fire?! fuck! syd barrett? fuck!! this is a really cool set.
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  • JP218404JP218404 NJPosts: 374
    That was a special show.
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  • marcosmarcos Posts: 2,097
    What a kick ass fucking jamming show, still blown away by the power of them blowing us away Brought back a lot of memories especially since I had to drive my old college to get to the Tower; it's where I got in to Pearl Jam, Soundgarden's Badmotorfinger, & TOTD, freshman year venturing out into the world armed only with those records!
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    Turn CC mic up! Showcase his voice. This isn't the Drowned Out Tour

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  • Just got home epic show! Had fan club tickets and we were front row dead center! Truly amazing ! Loved to hear all of the TOTD & MLB songs live. Chris's voice sounded incredible, he can still hit those notes. Have lots of pics and videos that I will post tommorrow. It was a once in lifetime experience! Don't have tickets for tommorrow but am okay with savoring tonight's memories!!!

    Thanks 10 C for the unbelievable seats!!!
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    acost016 said:

    I know "Crown of Thorns" will make an appearance!

    nope no crown of thorns.

    i had a blast, War Pigs was my highlight.
    Wasn't expecting that many covers but it was great. Some video i shot

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  • Attaway77Attaway77 VirginiaPosts: 1,456
    Very fucking cool, happy to be there for this... If you can, try catching a show.. Absolutely worth it.
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  • scw156scw156 Posts: 435
    Whats the camera policy for the shows? I cant find it anywhere. Personal point and shoot ok? No professional? Or no cameras at all?
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  • dimitrispearljamdimitrispearljam NINUNINOPROPosts: 134,189
    Temple of the Dog - Philly 1 videos
    War Pigs (Black Sabbath) -
    Say Hello 2 Heaven -
    Wooden Jesus -
    Your Saviour -
    Seasons -
    Jump Into The Fire (Harry Nilsson) -
    War Pigs (Black Sabbath) -
    Pushin Forward Back -
    Seasons -
    Hunger Strike -
    Holy Roller (MLB) -
    Times of Trouble -
    Achilles Last Stand (Led Zeppelin) -
    Fascination Street (The Cure) -
    All Night Thing -
    Baby Lemonade (Syd Barrett) -
    Reach Down -
    Quicksand (David Bowie) -
    Four Walled World -
    Stargazer (MLB) -
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    after pj covered my top 4 band..FREE...now totd covered my number 2,,the cure..number 5...black sasbbath...unreal...if pj ever cover joy division my number 3......all my dreams comes true!!!
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  • Red LukinRed Lukin CanadaPosts: 2,690
    Looks awesome and Baby Lemonade wow!
  • nicknyr15nicknyr15 Posts: 1,726
    They sounded awesome. MM on reach down solo, holy shit
  • manitoumanmanitouman In My HeadPosts: 576
    Alright...where's the audience recording!?
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  • duffmannduffmann PHILLYPosts: 232
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    Much anticipated...... Delivered on ALL expectations! Once again, 10C & members are ONE of a kind. Looking forward to tonight..... Rock, work, wash, repeat!
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