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    I know a lot of people have been looking for a 24x36 portfolio, and I discovered that Bags Unlimited makes presentation books, but, unfortunately, not in that size. I called a couple of days ago to see if this is a product that they would a) custom make, or b) start producing if there were enough people interested. I told them that there were a lot of people that would be interested in purchasing this product. Option A wasn't feasible, but I was told that if there was a need that wasn't being met, there was a likelihood that a product could be made. I was asked to send any information that would be helpful for their assessment. I have started a Google Sheet that people can put their name on. I have sent the link to Bags Unlimited so they can monitor it too, along with the link to this thread. Not sure anything will come of this, but here's hoping. I'm assuming that the more interest shown, the more likely they are to start making a product. The link is below. If anyone has any better ideas of how to get them the info, please share.


    Are these the ring binder type or just loose leafs?
    The art portfolios that Bags Unlimited currently make are the binder type, but they do not make a 24x36 (https://bagsunlimited.com/category/388/presentation-books). If they decide there is enough interest, I would assume that they would be in a binder as they already make loose leaf storage products. I have no clue whether they would make them refillable or not. I have only had some very preliminary back and forth getting them information regarding interest and potential for the product.
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