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    From what I understand, someone had brought an authentic Hendrix guitar for Mike to play in Tampa. He used it a couple of times and there was a little feedback because Mike didn't know how to adjust it well. He obviously played Little Wing as a tribute.
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    Now that I am home in RI and back to regular life I wanted to write a little something.

    I lived in Tampa from '02-'11 and only got to see them in '08. This time I could not get 10C seats because I took my parents for their first show so we ended up in a section near the usual "can't hold their beer drunken bros who only want to hear evenflow." All three of us left with beer all over our lower legs and feet and I was at my wits end with them but I refused to let it spoil one minute of our evening so I kept my mouth shut.

    Highlights for me were HTI (was completely freaking out!!!!!!!), Come Back, Red Mosquito, Off He Goes, of course Betterman with that ending, and Sonic Reducer. I clapped so much I bruised my palm :) but I was dead set on making sure I did my part to contribute to a good crowd. :) At some point I was a little annoyed at people looking like zombies but hey they all can't be Hartford '13 ;) and I think the crowd ended up being pretty great.

    My mother is a HUGE fan and it was so special to me to be able to share the experience with her. She's 61 (Dad 65) and we danced and rocked out the entire time. She knew every song (except Into the Moonlight and well neither did I). It was a night I will never ever forget!!!! My parents are flying up home for Fenway 1 and I am counting the days until we can do it all again!!
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    mr bungle said:

    shep said:

    alright... back at work 2 days later... should sit down and write some kind of review.

    10C reserved - section 116, row G.... fucking beautiful seats (344XXX). Couldn't ask for better. Nice change of pace too - I usually wind up on stone's side of the ship, being closer to Mike was pretty awesome....

    On the multiple comments about sound: At least twice during the show, for about 10-15 seconds each, got a massive blast of feedback from Mike's kit... didn't last longer than that, but it was there. To be critical: Jeff's bass levels were to high, but that got lost in the wash while rocking out. Ed sounded great. Love hearing him early in the tour, his voice is usually stronger. Matt was on point - over the course of 25+ shows in the last decade, I have gone from calling him to metronome to realizing that his is the glue that holds this group together... and that soundgarden cannot have him back.

    I always love hearing Red Mosquito, LBC, Lukin, and now comeback... it's funny to me that people are now calling them "deep cuts" cause it seems i've gotten them repeatedly lately. but so awesome... love the opening jam they do now it's LBC, it is great.

    Highlight of the show for sure was Sonic Reducer - I have been chasing that tune for a while, and they killed it (after Ed killed his guitar)... sooo much energy, and the 10C ate it up. And that poor guitar... Mike's heart broke when Ed smashed it.... it was funny to see, but traumatic at the same time.... it definitely was not planned (at least judging from Mike's reaction).

    Little wing was definitely an audible as others have stated. From where I was sitting I watched Mike signal to his tech that he wanted another guitar - it was totally his call. It might have been a "maybe" tune, but Mike made that decision for sure... and I was very happy they chose not to end the show with Baba (though I do love Baba).

    As others have said In the moonlight was polarizing - even most people in the 10C section didn't recognize it, myself included. I knew the tune, but couldn't have named it if you put a gun to my head. It was for the collector for sure, and definitely deserves the name title of a "B" side... one some love and others hate.

    I was a little disappointed they didn't open with one of the traditional openers... I have heard Why Go so many times, but it got the 10C section up and ready for sure... when they played HTI 1/2 way through the set it more than made up for it..

    The brick in the wall tag on daughter was great too.... the crowd caught on so quick. And as a pink floyd maniac (who saw gilmour a week ago in toronto) is all came full circle.

    And getaway to close out lightning bolt for me.... love that tune. The start sounds a little awkward live, but once it gets rolling it is a rocker for sure. enjoyed.... it's been stuck in my head ever since...

    and (last comment), I can't close this review without mentioning Blood to close the first set... just jaw-droppingly awesome, and completely unexpected change of pace. they need to do that more often... mix it in there with rearview and porch, etc...

    Looking forward to NOLA in a week and a 1/2. It can't come fast enough. So jealous of what's going to get pulled out in Philly/NYC/Toronto.... if this is what the band is doing in Tampa, all those shows are going to be something spectacular.

    well written review, I wish more were as thought out as this. Thanks
    glad someone enjoyed it! :)

    I should add - if the guy sitting next to me reads this post: apologies again about slowly moving into your seat halfway through the show.... for some reason I thought I had been shoved back (probably a beer too many ;)) a seat and thought I was losing space... that was my bad and I realized it when I checked the seat numbers with my phone... :)
    Houston, Texas... Believe it or not, there are 7 million people here... must be a couple of fans who'd love to see you play.
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    Thought this was a great show. Not sure about all the negative reviews. It's a great setlist and at the end of the day every single show I get to see I feel blessed. As a group of 4 shows I will at some point count how many different songs I got to hear and know that it was more that any other band would perform.
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    Dr. Matt said:

    I had 10C seats but I was surrounded by douchebags who spent most of the time talking to each other or on their phones. Hell, the couple next to us missed the first song and left after the 5th song!

    I traveled from DC for this show. It was my 31st (I think), and my friend's 1st show. She loved it, I enjoyed some solid songs (Sonic Reducer was a huge highlight), but I was disappointed by the fans in my section.

    My 10C # is 105xxx, and I'm used to meeting other long-time 10C fans near me at the shows. I've exchanged boots with fans I've met at shows, shared experiences, seen the same folks in different cities. This time was different. I was further back in section 118 than I would have expected, and the folks next to me did not get their tix through the fan club (thinking about it, this was also a problem in 2013 - I was surrounded by TM ticket purchasers and was further back than I would have expected). They actually commented to each other that these seats were better than their 10C seats, which they had sold for 2X face. UGH. WHY was I sitting next to them? The girls behind me were worse, though. They were SOOOOOO loud. They would screech at the top of their lungs for the hits, and sing along WAY off key SO loud that I couldn't hear ED. If they were such diehard fans, you'd think they'd know something other than Evenflow and Jeremy, but they only knew the hits. I was grateful for all the songs they didn't know (which was most of them), so at least I had reprieve from their terrible singing voices, but when they didn't know a song, they used that time to talk REALLY loudly. So distracting.

    I wasn't too into this set list - not a fan of LB songs at all, but the lightning on LB was awesome - but lots of songs were really great. Probably the worst version of Lukin I've ever heard, but it's short. LITTLE WING was awesome. It was just an uneven set list for me. Some great highs and some meh stuff. Not the worst. Not the best. Just a Pearl Jam show, which means it was leagues better than most things.

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    I was also there in Tampa. Absolutely loved the Set List and energy from the band and the majority of audience was great. While I can agree, in spots the crowd could have been a bit more pumped, not everyone shows up to play like most of us do. Lol. I definitely showed up and maybe out. Biggest issue was the cost of the damn liquor in the arena. Otherwise not a single complaint. Thought that the night was awesome and a rollercoaster of emotions. I've seen them several times recently '12 in Atlanta MM, '13 in New Orleans Voodoo Fest and '14 in Memphis. By far this was my favorite, although each show was spectacular in its own way.

    For me, the overwhelming feeling in Tampa, besides my buzz, was of great pride. Many times I would catch myself with a big grin and then tear up. The songs are special to me as have lived them out for so many years. Very proud of the band, how much fan appreciation they have and overall musicianship/showmanship and they didn't disappoint in Tampa. Just the right mix to be bad ass but not presumptuous. The Set List flowed nicely and the energy kept building all the way to the end when they had the house lights up for Baba O'Reily and Little Wing. Could feel nothing but how much love there was in the Tampa arena for the band and their music. Well, until the 2 unorganized guys in line at bar took forever to decide what to drink and paid in all dollar bills while Daughter was playing! All else during the night was smooth sailing.

    Highlights were: Love Boat Captain, Hard to Imagine. Even Flow. Daughter/Another Brick, Lightning Bolt, Off He Goes, Comeback, Elderly Woman, Betterman, Alive and of course Little Wing. Probably should just list all 31 songs! Couldn't help but think at the end how Jimi Hendrix would be proud of the band and smiling down on the audience as the night ended. A surreal night for me but one I won't soon forget !
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    Tampa was my 6th post-LB show. I was in GA for all but Tampa. The other shows include San Diego, LAx2, Lincoln and St.Paul. Hands down Tampa crowd was least involved of them all and it's not even close. Everyone enjoys different things about different set lists, but for me, this was one of my favorite set lists of all 17 shows I've been to in the last 13 years. At this point the more well known rarities like HTI and Sonic Reducer are what sets shows apart for me.
    St. Paul '14 and Winnipeg in '05 are my top 2 concerts for crowd enthusiasm but the set lists were not all that unique. I'll never forget the feeling in the arenas for either of those but will likely not remember what specific songs were played. For Tampa, I'll remember the crowd wasn't crazy, but I will forever remember HTI, Sonic Reducer, Little Wing, etc...if the crowd would have been to the level of the two aforementioned shows, Tampa would probably be tops. No complaints though, I was in 10c seats at a PJ show and for those 3 hours, "...my whole life was like a picture of a sunny day."

    Thanks PJ!
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    I got to the venue early...Hours early...Then lost my place during security checks..Many of our great Ten Club fans moved up places. whatever, I was still second row and had 2 short kids in front so my view was still amazing. Then Cow Man took over our little section and everytime Ed looked our way he goes crazy..Arms in my face...Seriously?

    and when you got the cow back...Did you really need to push my buddy so hard he slammed into the lady in front?? I get you were excited....But come on Bro..Wake up.

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    Just listened to the boot. Awsome show. Totally forgot they played Red Mosquito. That first set was definitely one of the best sets of the tour so far!
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    Listened twice on Sirius already. That was such a great flowing set list.
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    It's been a few weeks, but decided now to post my review of the show...we live here and I was fortunate to win GA tickets for this show. My wife and I were not sure about doing GA. Since we live here, we decided to spend two days downtown...Day of the show we got in line for merchandise around a eleven....around normal opening time they announce a delay in the opening, The Lightning were starting the playoffs so they were hanging banners etc...but the process was smooth and we met some really cool people in the merch line....go back to hotel and drop stuff off and head back to the arena....from there we reserved our spot, front rail, Mikes side. We anticipate the beginning of the show waiting on It happened today as our que....The show starts, first off any worries about being in GA are put to rest by all of the people around us. I always new that Ed was quite the entertainer during shows, but being there front row on Mikes side was a complete new experience for me, as my wife and I both agreed, Mike was here to entertain us as much as Ed was. Getting to see LBC RVM Blood with Ed smashing guitar was incredible. Not mention my favorites Getaway and Red Mosquito it was quite surreal...Ed seemed pissed and the emotion of the band was unreal....probably my favorite show of all the 15 I have seen....and that's not even mentioning that they played sonic reducer.
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    Love boat captain> Low Light> Red Mosquito> Hard to Imagine.

    Then Daughter> Sonic Reducer with all the anger!

    Is what made this show my favorite out of attending all 4 Florida shows. Jax a CLOSE 2nd...
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    I have read a lot of people who have stated that Ed seemed pissed in Tampa, with the inference that the crowd was not up to par. I was there and didn't agree then, and after listening to the bootleg a number of times I think I figured out his possible anger target. The band screwed up a number of times in the first few songs, particularly Matt. It seems that everyone got on the same page midway between the first set. Either way, show was fantastic in person and sounds awesome in my car.
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    I've seen 20 PJ shows at some amazing places... Tampas setlist is my #2 favorite after Moline. Had such a blast!
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    I thought it was great two...I'm partial to Wringley II but Detroit 2014 was a good one as well
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    Best of the 3. #instantclassic.
    all I have to say about tonight.

    "Apology made to whoever it pleases, still they got me like Jesus." Chuck D
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