Dead and Co,



  • EM194007EM194007 Posts: 2,296
    Mannnn they delivered the goods last night. They're getting better and better every tour and firing on all cylinders right now. John Mayer is a bad man on doubt about that. I wanna see them again tonight.
    They put on a great show last night, should be another great one tonight. I was going to fly up to the 2 Fenway shows. But with them doing the HD 2 show live feeds for $50, I opted to go that way and watch it on the big screen TV. That's a lot less then the $2,000-$2,500 I'd spent on flights, tixs to the show, and hotel for a few nights for two people. 

    Glad to hear you had a great night and enjoyed the show.
  • SmallestOceansSmallestOceans Boston, MassPosts: 8,002
    Anybody got an extra ticket for tonight?
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