*** St Louis Fanviews Here 10/3/14 ***



  • foodshop65foodshop65 ConnecticutPosts: 357
    RVM is off the hook. my fav from the boot. great show.
  • mrussel1mrussel1 Posts: 6,478
    Hey fellow St Louis attendees, just wanted you to know that this show is up and posted... here is my post from the Porch

    BTN is excited to release St Louis from 2014! This show was made using 10 sources of original, uncompressed videos donated by the community. We've never had even close to that many sources and the result is a very nice show with a lot of different angles and perspectives. The Blu Ray will be posted in two weeks or so once the art is completed and all the testing is done. Until then, enjoy the show and thanks again to the community for great contributions! See the bottom of the 'info' page on YT for the credits.

  • Pure beauty!! Thanks so much for this!!
    STL '14
  • jkgrovesjkgroves IndianaPosts: 109
    does anyone have a photo of hand written set list from this show? I'm wanting to include it in custom frame job...thanks :)
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