PJ Musical Designs Hat FS: $ for US Troop Care Packages

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All proceeds benefit Operation Yellow Ribbon of South Jersey (http://www.operationyellowribbonsouthjersey.org) where funds will help with shipping expenses of care packages to US Troops deployed in Afghanistan and supporting Operation Enduring Freedom and this also includes a few members from these forums and a brother of another forum member. Thanks to the help of all of you, OYR has been able to send on average, 1500+ pounds of goodies from home each month to our brave women and men in harm's way and away from home. We spend roughly $1200 each month alone on shipping expenses so thank you for your past help!

I actually bought this for me because I love PJ hats and I love anything yin & yang so this was a must for me. Unfortunately, it is not fitted right at the forehead area and is too big for my head. It looks ridiculous on my head and I'd rather it go to someone who will appreciate it then it sitting with the rest of my PJ hats that don't fit me...so I may as well do a good thing with it as it wasn't meant to be...

Price: $40 shipped within The US. $50 worldwide. As a gift via Paypal please directly to OYR's account in which I will provide the e-mail address when replying to your PM.

Special thanks to all of you for your constant support and for helping our cause continue each month.

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    Bump for great dude and cause
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    awe, thanks guys. you are good peeps!
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    Bump...Good Luck
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    Thank you everyone for the support
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    Thank you everyone for the support

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    Just visited the surf shop that the design was 'borrowed' from. I had to get a shirt from them to match the stickers I NEED to grab.
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