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  • mayday66
    Hi, it looks like I'll be paying this much for a ticket on the second market anyway so might look into this option.  I'm Canadian so won't get any tax benefit but at least still supporting a cause not someone who bought a ticket to sell for 5 times the price.  If you can let me know your friend's info I can check into it further.  Thanks for the heads up. 
    February 22
  • cgannon77
    Hello... I know this is a crazyyy longshot but I've been searching for years and not sure if you have it still or not. I was curious if you had the Dallas Nov 15th 2013 set list for sale? I've asked Steven from collectionzz and he said he would try and dig and help  me and stumbled in your post.  It was my first pj concert and it was the week  I got home from Iraq when in the army, stationed in fort hood,  so the concert was so memorable and epic. I literally would do anything to have that piece of paper. I figured I'd give it a shot and im not even sure if you have it. Or even if you had any kind of memorabilia to do with that concert. I over paid on a poster  that was signed by Dwayne and numbered on eBay but that was before I discovered poster parade and all those pj groups on facebook. Thanks either way!
    February 2
    • elwayvedder
      Hey! I'm not sure what post of mine you stumbled upon as i have many LOL but I wish i knew you were in Iraq back then as I could have hit you with tons and tons of goodies in the form of our care packages. I hope I'm not the first to say "WELCOME HOME HERO". Thank you for all you given our great nation. I don't have any setlists unfortunately available but maybe this can help a little? http://pearljamsetlists.tumblr.com/post/67160147995/2013-11-15-dallas-tx-american-airlines