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  • TimoRitzenTimoRitzen Posts: 117
    PJ_Soul said:
    demetrios said:
    Here's something 10club store / managers could look into. 

    Shipping prices ... To Canada. 

    There is only one shipping rate for Vault vinyl shipped outside the USA. That price is $43.99US!! There is no other shipping rate? Just the one? Is there no shipping rate option to Canada? 

    Please check into this. 
    +1 It should be cheaper to send to Canada than it is to Australia. I can't believe I'm paying the same amount someone in Japan pays, when I only live 3 hours drive from the warehouse. That is messed up and totally unfair.
    Even if you have it shipped to Australia, Japan or (in my case) The Netherlands, it shouldn`t cost $43,99. Those are insane prices, especially for 10C members for whom you should do something special and not have them pay those insane prices. One of the reasons I`m not ordering those sets from 10C anymore (next to the fact that they more often than not don`t arrive!!) 
  • demetriosdemetrios canadaPosts: 47,499
    edited July 14
    Help me out here ..

    Shipping 3 Vault vinyl on 10club's eBay account .. $39.60 International Priority Shipping to Canada via the Global Shipping Program http://www.ebay.com/itm/PEARL-JAM-VAULT-VINYL-4-5-6-LOT/253040406549

    Shipping 1 Vault vinyl on 10club's store .. $43.99 Standard International Shipping to Canada https://pearljam.com/shop/featured-items/pearl-jam-vault-7-soldier-field-vinyl-presale

    10club, please fix your shipping rate. I checked the rate on none Canadian countries on eBay, they are more then the CDN shipping charge. Which means the 10club store shouldn't be charging the same prices to Canada fans.

  • PJDowPJDow Posts: 17
    I have a feeling they will not change their fees.....Must be a way to profit...
  • GlttrGrrlGlttrGrrl Posts: 123
    I've been a member of 10Club since at least 1995 (I was a member before that, but let my membership lapse), and I have to be honest that the Analog member item code expiration is a source of frustration for me. My code expires less than four months after I renew every year, and I *always* forget to order the Analog item before it expires. I was bummed to miss out on the 2015 and 2016 shirts.

    Can you simply change the Analog membership renewal to allow us to indicate at the time of renewal whether we want the item, and, if so, what size? Or at least have the codes expire 6 months after renewal? Or have a reminders sent to our email addresses if we haven't ordered, yet? I hate that I keep missing out on one of the benefits of Analog membership.
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