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    kce8 said:

    This is pure magic ❤️❤️❤️
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    Yeah I only know that it was a remix for "Underworld"... Keenan and a few others were included..
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    Oh...  ^ that comment was for Hedo about Bowies Disco King which he wrote in the early '90...
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    Annafalk said:
    kce8 said:

    This is pure magic ❤️❤️❤️

    Yep... and it hurts...
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    Time for some Affrograss B) Yes, that is what this genre is called.
    Drum and a Chair (song)

    Cracked Open
    By Arthurleeland B)
    Into the Waters

    And the finale In the Perfect Grove

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  • Thank you for that perfectly fitting vernacularic poetry and rhyme to my time right the rare mahogany and all its manifestations...especially the ukelele kind...
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    I just now found this Grace Vanderwaal girl that won America's Got Talent with original songs at 12 and now has a hit song at 13...
    Damn, I was playing with GI Joes and listening to my friends make fart noises at the age when she was writing self-aware pop songs on ukulele.

    Monkey Driven, Call this Living?
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    Back to the Basics

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    Jason, that brings back some sweet memories - thank you (though I just saw it was the Meow Mix commercial, didn't actually watch it in full).

    Tonight, I'm blowing up the outside world....hallelujah-ing.  My goodness, what a voice.  And song.

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    Go Jeff...

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