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  • Daron OshayDaron Oshay Middletown, NJPosts: 1,992
    New song "The Blackout" is out now. After one listen, it's the best release in easily ten years from them. The chorus is catchy, stadium ready and good four on the floor to move to. This gives me hope for the album. 
    Agree loved the bass on this too 
  • Good, but man oh man, those lyrics are a tad empty.
  • PoncierPoncier Posts: 8,136
    Good, but man oh man, those lyrics are a tad empty.

    Jack, Zack, Ned and Fred would disagree. :lol:
    This weekend we rock Portland
  • ShynerShyner Posts: 651
    Baby baby baby
    Light my way
  • bootlegger10bootlegger10 Posts: 9,473
    How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb.....underrated.  So many great songs.
  • mr bunglemr bungle Posts: 747

    How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb.....underrated.  So many great songs.

    totally agree!!  Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own gives me chills every time.  A Man And A Women is also sneaky great.
  • buck502000buck502000 Birthplace of GIBSON guitarPosts: 7,109
    Bono says hello hello :) 
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  • ledveddermanledvedderman Posts: 7,373
    New single, "You're the Best Thing About Me" is out now. I like it for the most part. When you hear it though, the first run of the chorus each time ends with "About boy" and it either feels incomplete or I'm missing something. It's driving me crazy though because I really dig the changes made to the chorus in the latter parts of the song and it makes the part confusing me stand out more. 
  • PoncierPoncier Posts: 8,136
    The line, which is very clunky, is "the best thing that ever happened a boy", confirmed in the lyric video.

    Bono, would it kill you to add "to" in there?

    This weekend we rock Portland
  • ledveddermanledvedderman Posts: 7,373
    Yes!!! Thank you. Memory recall isn't a strong point for me anymore. 
    What a boner of a line. It destroys a good chorus for me. 
  • Love the new tunes - I am hopeful for this album!
  • BentleyspopBentleyspop Craft Beer Brewery, ColoradoPosts: 3,897
  • bluegracebluegrace Posts: 2,245
    Love Blackout just as much as I dislike You're the best thing...
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  • PopmartijnPopmartijn Posts: 332
    For those who are also paid members of U2.com, the 2017 subscription gift is now available digitally. The physical gift is a reissue of the 4 original singles from The Joshua Tree on 10" (I believe), with a live version from this year's tour as the B-side. That'll be sent out soon, I hope. For now, you can download the MP3's when you go to your account page.
    For those wondering, the live versions are from:
    With Or Without You: Foxborough, June 25th
    I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For: Washington, June 20th
    Where The Streets Have No Name: Louisville, June 16th
    In God's Country: Miami, June 11th
    (Yep, no live versions from Europe, sadly)
  • ZodZod Posts: 5,141
    I'll pass on a membership this year.  My favourite u2 gifts have been the double live album from the u2360 tour and that live 10" vinyl from 2 years ago.   Maybe they'll do one from this years tour next year.  4 songs doesn't quite cut it :)
  • dpduke69dpduke69 Raleigh, NCPosts: 172

    Man would love to get that Streets from Louisville. Great show on the floor for that one. Was crazy when the FedEx 747 flew over on its descent right during the intro.

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  • Tim SimmonsTim Simmons Posts: 2,573
    I'll buy the collection when people are dumping them for $20 on ebay. 

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