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    Shakescky said:
    anyone else get up early to watch the Super Showdown from Australia?  I didn't get up at 5 so missed about the first 2 hours.
    I felt some of the matches were rushed. I would give the PPV a solid B, and maybe that's being generous. They've had worse PPVs in my opinion.
    like the Miz/Bryan match? It was ok I thought.

    Looks like Lashley turned heel and Owens face last night?  I'm ok with it but KO is probably a better heel though.  And I thought Enzo was annoying but Lio Rush might be more annoying.
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    Who knows, honestly? WWE are not great with their booking of people on either side of the heel and babyface divide in terms of how they display their allegiance. The heels are regularly booked to be terrified of everyone. Granted there needs to be heels that display this trait, but not every single one of them. Also, the babyfaces are regularly scripted to say complete asshole stuff in promos or behave like just complete jocks.
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