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Bee Girl ?

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does this song have anything to do with the girl in the Blind Melon video for "No Rain"?;

I know what Jeff and Ed say about it on the Lost Dogs vinyl, but is there any relation between the video and the song?? or is this just speculation i'm coming up with to prolong me studying for finals??
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    yes the song is about her, look around for the rockline interview when the sondg made its debut
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  • The song was written originally about the girl (Heather DeLoach) who was famously featured in the video for Blind Melon's hit single "No Rain".

    Before performing the song at the 1994 Bridge School Benefit concert, singer Eddie Vedder commented on how they "saw really bad things for her future."[1] Further, in a 1996 radio interview he explained, "The Bee Girl was...she was this little girl who was 9 years old in a video and I saw her, I saw how...there's no other word for it--how obnoxious she was and she loved being a star...and I knew it wasn't going to last and my heart went out to her and I was just trying to tell her, ‘Man, that ain't the most important thing in life. It can't be. You're gonna die.’"[2]

    Vedder explained in the liner notes for Lost Dogs that he once met the young girl and her mother. His information on the song closes with the sentence, "I hope she's fine."

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