Anyone Buy Something from Twist & Shout in Denver?

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I just got a Fraud Alert email from Twist and Shout records in Denver. Anyone else get this? They had some PJ vinyl for sale a few weeks back.

"Earlier this month, someone gained electronic access to Twist and Shout's web site. Your name, address, and credit card number may have been among the information accessed. Please be especially vigilant for unauthorized charges on your card. Twist and Shout regrets that this happened and has reported the crime to the credit card companies, the Denver police and the FBI. We have deleted all credit card numbers from our files and have taken steps to make sure this can never happen again.


V. P.
DENVER, CO 80206 "
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    Crap!!! So did I but I don't recall getting anything from them. I MAY Have ordered vinyl that was never actually in stock. Damn I hate when this happens!
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    Yikes! I hvae bought from there, but not online! This is not cool! I love Twist and Shout though, I saw Ben Harper play there, less than 200 people were there! They have tons of amazing posters on the wall too, EMEKs, Dead posters, and even an Easystreet(only time I've ever seen one in person)
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    Yeah, I got one too. That's my second such e-mail this month.

    Just gotta keep an eye on credit card statements...I've been checking mine every few days.
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