PJ songs on bass

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I started playing bass a little while back, what are some pj songs i should learn?
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  • robrob Posts: 142
    Try slow songs first. Easier to get a rhythm going if you're new at it.. Like Release? That one's pretty easy.
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  • Porch.

    Just kidding. Not so easy.

    Nothing as it seems is easy, though it's played on a stand up..
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  • Yeah, NAIS would be good to start, also perhaps try Wishlist or I Am Mine.

    Good luck w/ playing too!
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  • parchyparchy Posts: 205
    Try Rats
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  • i think u should try whipping


    its like the hardest song to learn on the bass

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  • Originally posted by parchy
    Try Rats

    Word, what a fun riff. :)
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