Proud new owner of the Dunlop Crybaby 535Q

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Yes yes, got it this morning new for 300 aussie dollars... may start playing it soon when my bro wakes up.
actually no i can't.. need to find a power supply that works with it.

ah well...

just thought i'd keep the gearheadthing going ;)

cheers & have a good one
"It is I, with the empty bladder!"
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  • hey again

    there are two jacks to plug in yer guitar leads... does it matter which one you use for input and output... is the right side for input?

    i dunno, there's no labels so .. :s

    thanks gearheads
    "It is I, with the empty bladder!"
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    if you look closley at the treadle (footpad) it will be marked instrument and amplifier on the corresponding jack sides. The pedal will not work if you have it incorrectly configured. If you use a battery make sure you unplug the jacks when you are done to save the battery life.
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  • thanks, paco.. i knew it was right in front of me duh
    "It is I, with the empty bladder!"
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