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So, I bid on this cute little Marshall cabinet, unloaded, built for 1-10" speaker. Was gonna load a P10R Jensen in the thing, use it to record with. Lost the damn thing in the last couple hours of bidding.

Now I just bid on a Bassman head, just to get back at the bastard who outbid me on the cab. That'll show him!

I need help...

Hey, anyone wanna put a brown mod in my TS-9?
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    did you see the 67 super modded to blackface specs by Allen Amps.

    Only $1250, that's a steal, all the speakers were reconed by weber.
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    Screw that, there was an original 1954 Bassman (single 12") that sold for under $900. Unbelievable!

    Still, that's a little out of my price range... I'm looking in the sub-$500 range right now...
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