Need a Singer/Lyricist, UK

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Hi all,

We are a very promising band, based in glasgow. Kinda style?
Pearl Jam/Smashing Pumpkins - heavish, loads of dynamics.

We play all origonal stuff, have a strong bunch of songs - only one problem - cant find a singer with any attitude/talent/lyric writing ability/ ear for a tune etc.... you get the picture?

We are not bothered of you are male/female and dont care if you are not in scotland either - you have to be able to write stuff, and have bags of lyrics . if you contact me through this, we can talk and i can arrange to send you a demo etcetc....

set up? drums, bass, 2 guitars. ( i am the drummer by the way)



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  • damn, if only you lived in birmingham. pumpkins and pearl jam are my two favourite bands ever. though i'm not much of a singer and i'm only nearly 16..still, good luck in finding someone :)
    seems that needlessly its getting harder
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