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12 String - Underappreciated?

transplanttransplant Posts: 1,088
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What is this forums thoughts on the 12 String? I saw a show about 9 years ago, the performance consisted of him a folding chair and an acoustic 12 string. Since then, I don't know I have seen a show where one is played except for this one artist.

Are they just too much a pain in the as*? Has Stone or Mike ever played one in the studio or live? Personally, nothing sounds more beautiful than a well played 12 string and I would think it would fit pretty well on tunes like Thin Air, Oceans, Slight of Hand etc......
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  • exhaustedexhausted Posts: 6,638
    i've got a taylor 355 12-string acoustic that is the most gorgeous sounding guitar i've ever played. i use it all the time.

    and a rickenbacker 330 12-string electric that is a finicky beast.
  • I'm pretty sure Stone uses a 12-string on Breakerfall.
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  • exhaustedexhausted Posts: 6,638
    mike used to play the 12-string rickenbacker that tom petty game him on 'not for you' back in the day.
  • Pacomc79Pacomc79 Posts: 9,404
    Old Guild 12's are some of my favorite guitars ever, They were the folk guitarists favorites in the 60's. Remember no P/U's so 12 strings were louder. Also if you like Chorus this is essentially what chorus is.
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  • transplanttransplant Posts: 1,088
    thanks for the replies.

    so what in your opinion is a reason why artists don't play them much? do they and I am just missing it? is there something about the 12 that many rock musicians feel doesn't fit?

    A CD I find amazing due to the 12 string is Bob Mould's Workbook. It is just a beautiful sounding disc and if there are others out there that you find great, feel free to let me know about 'em.
  • brain of cbrain of c Posts: 5,213
    12 strings ARE cool.........

    but it becomes like a gimmick.....use it for a while then lose it...

    george used it on a hard day's night and then stopped, really...
  • exhaustedexhausted Posts: 6,638
    it is a niche guitar but i certainly wouldn't call it a gimmick.
  • Pacomc79Pacomc79 Posts: 9,404
    maintence is a pain in the ass. I hate restringing them. The sound is cool but 6 strings are easier. Tom Morello uses that SG 6/12 in a few songs.
    My Girlfriend said to me..."How many guitars do you need?" and I replied...."How many pairs of shoes do you need?" She got really quiet.
  • well they are nice,

    ive seen eddie actually play small town on one, with only six strings strung that
    was pretty cool it was old

    i like them
    because of the tone, but yes they are a pain in the ass to tune
    and string if you want to change tunings a lot

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  • I love playing 12-strings, but I don't know if i'd buy one. I always go for them at shops, but I don't think I would play it enough to be worth a purchase.
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  • mccreadyisgodmccreadyisgod Bumfuq, MTPosts: 6,395
    12-strings have always been on my "If I win the lottery" list. Specifically, a Gibson 12-string dreadnought acoustic and a Gibson SG 12-string electric. I always enjoy playing them, but they aren't a primary instrument for me. They're more of a toy, or a way to achieve a specific sound for a specific song. They definitely have a very lush sound...
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  • you wana here dam fine 12 string find a c.d by the john butler trio! they are australian not sure that theyve done much touring outside oz. went and saw them live the other night fucking beautiful butler plays his 12 string like hendrix played his upside down strat! he fucken gave that guitar everything fucken genious.
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