• This is so beautiful!   Hanging with Frank in line & he’s awesome!
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    Same! Such a cool story! 
  • Bearclaw53Bearclaw53 Dallas, TXPosts: 54
    For those who can’t open the Facebook link - If you’re a fan of Pearl Jam (or even if you’re not), then check out this video of my new friend Frank “Feather Beard” Carter wailing out Yellow Ledbetter at a chance campground encounter near Missoula, Montana with a teen guitarist. We were in line with Frank and his sister Ann Marie starting at 6:30 am in Denver for tonight’s PJ show where we’re now on the rail! 

    Here is the story and video from Frank:

    Check out Frank’s Feather Beard album (iTunes and Amazon Prime) with PJ cover-cover songs and a corresponding book of the same name.
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