Looking for someone to pick up a poster in Hyde Park and hold on to it until 5ish?

I’m attending both Friday and Saturday but can’t get down for the 1pm merch access, and I’m worried about the posters selling out by the time I get there. Would any kind soul be willing to pick one up and meet at the 10c/VIP end? I can bring cash or do bank transfer/revolut.

or are they likely to sell out that quick? 


  • lastexitlondonlastexitlondon Posts: 9,349
    Posters at hyde park will be stocked  heavily i believe. 
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  • Hopefully…

    but will still keep looking for a volunteer!
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  • Planet of SoundPlanet of Sound Posts: 193
    There’s 2 posters each day as well.
  • Suppose that maybe improves my chances of getting at least one! Oh well I’ll take the chance and see what’s still there at 5pm
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