SOLD: FS Single Vienna Front of Stage. Wound up with an extra for Vienna. Set for Prague

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Need a pair for both shows.  A buddy's wife just called me and asked me to assist in knocking out one of his bucket list items to see PJ.  Since she is taking a fun girls trip, she insisted I take him somewhere fun.  Just got the green light from my wife, so now I just need to find the tickets.  I do not have anything to offer in trade at the moment, but do live in Oregon, so I would be attending any Portland, Seattle, or Gorge shows, should they be announced in the coming year.  I can offer future considerations for merch or a single to attend with me (face value of course).

Edit: I wound up with 3 for Vienna (all front of stage). Selling a single at face value (including fees) €135.19. Bought it off the FanSale Page from OETicket.  I am not entirely sure how to transfer it, but do have it in a PDF in an email.  My bank does not have an IBAN, so I cannot repost the ticket (though, I may just need to use a friend to repost it later if no one here wants it).
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    Still need two for Prague.  Need only one on the floor for Vienna now, though, as I found a single and jumped on it.
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    Prague is still available. There are two ticket vendors for that show, each taking one half of the venue 
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    Thanks.  Who is the second vendor?  LiveNation only has seats in the upper bowl.  From my experience, it is best to just be patient for these arena shows and tickets can be found on the floor or lower bowl.  
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    Ticketportal. They still have very few lower bowl tickets
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    Found it.  Thanks for the info.  Looks like all lower bowl are gone.  Tickets always seem to pop up as the show gets closer.  I am going floor or bust on these shows since it will be my buddy's first time seeing PJ (and his wife has dragged him to countless Dave Matthews concerts), so need to get the experience for PJ.  Fortunately, the secondary market appears to be pretty close to face, which is shocking.  
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    Thought I saw an empty row in 103
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    Don't see them now.  I basically check the sale sites sporadically to see if anything pops up.  I managed to grab a front floor ticket for Vienna at face by checking at the right moment today.  1 down, 3 to go.
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    Found a pair, 3rd row in 111 for Prague.  Just need a single in the front floor for Vienna now.  Moral of story is to be patient and just keep checking the tickets sites.  Good tickets definitely pop up.
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    I am all set on my tickets and now have the opposite problem.  I wound up with one too many for Vienna, so selling a single front of stage ticket (I had purchased a single, but then found two that could only be bought as a pair).  I may need some help figuring out how to transfer it without simply forwarding the email with the pdf attached, though.
     €135.19 or $153.37
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