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Release and Wash
It seems that if one of these two songs don't open the show that they won't get played during the show. Anyone have any theory as to why they don't play Release or Wash anywhere else in the setlist. I think they would both fit well in most places even though they are both great openers...
Another one like this is Oceans, although it has been played elsewhere in sets.
Any other songs that are strictly openers?
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    As far as I know Of The Girl, I've been lucky enough to catch that one 2 times, both times as openers!
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    A on the spot version of Wash was played in Pittsburgh in 2000, when they brought a woman who had been at several shows in a row with an umbrella with "wash" written on it up on stage.
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    I agree with your thoughts on Wah and Release. It seems like those two have become set opening staples. If they do not open the show, chances are they will not be played. Going through my collection, it seems that Release has been opening shows for a very long time- it makes a great opener. Back in the day like the 91-92 boots were the sets were like 18 songs long, it seemed like Wash made apperances in the set without being the opener. I could be wrong, but it seems like Wash became an opening staple (meaning only played as an opener on the 2000 tour). I'd like to add that it seems that Long road is a standard opener now as well but occasionally used to open an encore 1 set.

    Here are the common set openers I have noticed:
    Of the Girl
    Long Road
    and now WWS
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  • I haven't checked the sets as much recently. Did they play Long Road later in the show more than once?

    Also, I consider "Sometimes " "Oceans" "Can't Keep" and "Of the Girl" mainly openers. Occasionally they get played elsewhere (on special occasions--like Boston 2003 or Benaroya) but those are really exceptions to the rule.
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    what about sometimes???
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    I have always thought Release should be a song to close with sometimes. Like they do occasionaly with indifference.
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    Interstellar Overdrive into Corduroy opened a number of shows in 2000. One or two this tour, I think.
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    i would love to see sometimes open a show... o wait ed doesnt know the fuckin words haha.
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    red mos wrote:
    and now WWS

    I think Severed hand has opened way more shows than WWS has this tour
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    I think Severed hand has opened way more shows than WWS has this tour

    Yeah I think Severed Hand is a good opener actually.
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    Can't Keep is usually an opener, but it was played mid-set at the Washington '03 show.
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    I'd love to hear Wash mid-set, it's a very cathartic song
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