FT Ohana Encore Meggs or Ames SE poster for your SHN Asbury Park Taylor SE poster

dcp3ydcp3y Louisville KYPosts: 714
Offering a straight trade for either my 10/1 Meggs SE or 10/2 Ames SE...looking for the Ken Taylor 9/18 SHN show edition poster.


In search of:



  • dcp3ydcp3y Louisville KYPosts: 714
    edited October 2021
    Update:  Trade complete.  Ames SE gone.

    Meggs 10/1 SE available for trade if anyone is interested.  All set on 2021 tour posters.  Interested in a 2018 Seattle Dad hat if anyone wants to trade.  Also open to posters from 2018 Seattle or Boston.
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