A night in Paris

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Gonna bring my girlfriend along to Paris, but since she hates concerts and hates rock music and probally hates pearl jam. I must put her somewere when I´m rockin out. Any suggestions? Don´t want to put her in a bar with sleezy french guys=).
2006 Paris, Prague
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    Thank god this isnt a Paris Hilton thread.
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    Dude, I so thought this thread was about your penis being inside Paris Hilton's vag.
  • KirkwoodKirkwood Posts: 228
    Ye becuse thats one of my biggest dreams, ehh=)
    2006 Paris, Prague
    2007 Munich, Katowice, Kopenhaven, Nijmegen
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    Bump for Paris :) ....Kirkwood rocks too, two of my favs.
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    Kirkwood wrote:
    and probally hates pearl jam.

    dump her now
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    if she hasn't been to paris before... she should def check out the eiffel tower at night. It lights up with strobe lights for 10 minutes every hour starting at dusk. (but you should prob join her for that...just a suggestion)

    As for something to do while you're at the show. The Latin Quarter is always a good choice. (5th & 6th districts) It has everything....and for good prices. But if she doesn't want to hang in one the bars, clubs, or restaurants there...she can always go to one of the museums. You'd have to check with them when you get there cause the days they're open late always change.

    Hope this helps.
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