ISO 2018 Boston baseball trading card - Jeff Ament

Hi!  I am trying to complete my set of 2018 Boston baseball trading cards and I'm missing just one Jeff Ament.  Here is the best picture of the missing card I could find:

If anyone has an extra of this card they'd be willing to sell or trade I'd be very grateful!

I have some duplicates if anyone needs help with their own set:

Thank you!


  • dankinddankind I am not your foot. Posts: 20,827
    edited April 2021
    Just opened the Boston pack I got in a MB to look. Sorry. I ain't got it. And I've got pretty much the same cards you listed as duplicates.

    Well, there were four Stone cards, but I'm hanging onto those for my son.
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  • LoujoeLoujoe Posts: 6,479
    Cracked mine open and no dice. I got a Brendan OBrien card. Is that a good one?
  • DamiensDamiens Posts: 764
    I've got a dupe, I'll send to you
  • glebrockglebrock Posts: 2
    I was able to find a copy of the card.  Thanks to everyone who checked!

    If anyone comes across this thread in the future and needs any of my duplicates please let me know.
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