Cathartic Duo (P Tense & Inside Job)

I've been a fan since I got Vitalogy on my birthday when I was in 6th grade, and am lucky to have been able to see PJ live three times (4 will be whenever Oakland 1 is rescheduled). This past year has been rough, but one of the good things that has come out of it is that I finally got the Sirius subscription and have been regularly listening to a regular stream of live shows.

Sometime ago I discovered the Man Trilogy. Recently I began researching another pairing of equal caliber: two of my favorites (as of yet, unheard live/in-person) -- "Present Tense" and "Inside Job." The sheer cathartic build both musically and lyrically is a sublime experience, and one that always inspires me to embrace the shit out of live and to try to be a force of good in this world. 

In my research on, I've discovered that this has only happened 12 times (only 4 of those in the States), and never back-to-back. Does this check out? I have the first time as May 9, 2006 and the last as June 13, 2018. Does anyone else have a similarly visceral affection for this pair? Ever seen them live (one or both)? Any favorite renditions? Thanks for sharing, and here's hoping that one or both of these McCready gems will be included in the setlist in Oakland Night 1 ;)


  • LoujoeLoujoe Posts: 4,919
    Agree. Saw both live a few times. You kind of know when they are gonna play inside job when Mike comes out with his double neck guitar. The band always looks concentrated on the song/serious. Maybe it's hard to play and the content. It's so uplifting live and seem to remember some crazy light effects.

    PT is killer too. 
    I don't know much about specifics and songs but know when they connect with me like these two.
    Great taste op. 
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