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FS: 1998 Chicago-Alpine Valley AP poster

SJD3232SJD3232 Posts: 2,160
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Looking to sell another beauty.

1998 Signed and Numbered Chicago-Alpine Valley
poster is in m/nm condition.

$2,700 shipped, insured.

framed or unframed, if you take it framed, it’s all archival (no tape or adhesive) and museum glass.

any questions, please pm. Thanks

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  • SJD3232SJD3232 Posts: 2,160

  • Wow!!
  • Good luck Shannon, top notch seller!
  • Damn that’s awesome. My grail of posters. Why didn’t I pick this up at the show!? Ah, no poster tubes, sleeping in O’Hare overnight on the floor to catch a red eye back home. That thing would have got all fucked up!
  • SJD3232SJD3232 Posts: 2,160
    Good luck Shannon, top notch seller!
    Thanks, SDL. I hope all is well with you and your family
  • cp3iversoncp3iverson Posts: 7,421
    Badass print.  Badass seller
  • alphawolfalphawolf DelMarVaPosts: 519
    Ooooh lala!!!

    awesome print!

    wish i could spring for it...

    im sure it wont last long! B)
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  • SJD3232SJD3232 Posts: 2,160
  • jushooksjushooks Posts: 53
    I had this poster and it got lost in a flood.  FML!!!!
  • LoujoeLoujoe Posts: 2,573
    Ahhh. Tough loss! I'm sure a lot of these were lost and damaged with the passage of time.  
  • CP218430CP218430 Posts: 1,144
    The worth on these 98s for mint ones will go down as some of the most lucrative memorabilia in any avenue (especially Music). 
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  • hrd2imgnhrd2imgn Southwest Burbs of ChicagoPosts: 4,397
    I recall seeing it and just thinking. "MEH"  If I had a time machine I would buy 20
  • LoujoeLoujoe Posts: 2,573
    I know when I went to any shows back then. Maybe I'd grab a shirt if I wanted to. I'd never think of buying a poster. It was 99.9% about the music. 
  • hrd2imgn said:
    I recall seeing it and just thinking. "MEH"  If I had a time machine I would buy 20
    Same. When I was in downtown Chicago’s Virgin Megastore, there were row on row of Binaural, Lost Dogs, all the PJ vinyl. I walked out with Vs and No Code, happy as a clam not realizing the goldmine I passed up.
  • jushooksjushooks Posts: 53
    Loujoe said:
    Ahhh. Tough loss! I'm sure a lot of these were lost and damaged with the passage of time.  
    I lost On the Road 94 and Prague 96 too :bawling:
  • SJD3232SJD3232 Posts: 2,160
    Sold. Thanks all 
  • MattchewMattchew Posts: 1,221
      Nice!!!  Great poster, and a S/N too!!!
  • jpdannabellejpdannabelle Posts: 619
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    Man, of all the 98’s, for me this one is the one. Such cool artwork. Congrats to the seller and the buyer. It’s a beauty ;)
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  • Yep, this one and Kansas City 98’ would finish my collection of shows I saw that year. Sadly, even SE go for $$$. I should check my lottery ticket!
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