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Raising Funds For ALS With My 91 Year Old Companion (Please Help)

ottonypottonyp Posts: 226
Over the past 3 years I have been visiting an elderly woman whom enjoys my companionship. During those three years she has only been outside about twice a year for medical appointments. About a month ago I started bringing her outside in her wheelchair ( 4 -5 days/week) for a short ride (approx. 20 mins.) through her neighborhood. Fast forward to today, where we are now up to 1.5 miles taking us about 1.5 hours. The response from both her and the community has been amazing. Yesterday while I was reading to her from The Times Union we spotted a fundraising walk for ALS, and after reading it we decided we would like to get involved (it almost seems like we were in trainning for this unbeknown to us). I told her how amazing it is that she would still be able to give back to her community at 91 years old, and after speaking to her daughter…WE ARE GOING FOR IT!!! With all the turmoil going on in the world right now…what a WONDERFUL outlet! Please consider helping us raise as much money for ALS as possible! We will be keeping Steve Gleason (whom is still very much alive) in mind as we walk! Once again please consider doing what you can to support us!!!


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