Dirty cheap place to stay in Milan?

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Anyone know of a really cheap place to stay in when seeing PJ in Milan? All I find is hotels for like 60euros and stuff :|

Maybe someone living in or around Milan that knows any good place, Hostel or whatever? :)
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    I was there for the 2000 shows. The hostels are the cheapest...there are two that I know of. I stayed at the one west of Milan b/c (I think it was $10-20 per night) the one a bit south was booked. They're both cheap but if you can make a reservation at the one south of Milan you'll have a better time (it's closer to the heart of Milan and it's easier to get to the venue from that hostel). Also, they're so many wild bars/clubs around there!

    If you're going to Verona...YOU MUST STAY AT THE 16 CENTURY VILLA, which has been coverted into one of the top 5 hostels in Europe...words cannot explain!

    As for guide books:
    I recommend "Italy or Europe on a shoestring budget." Or was it Lonely Planet's guide. It could be the Lonely Planet publishes the "Shoestring Budget" guides. Just go on Amazon and check it out.

    If you need any more info just PM me. I'm an American who did the whole PJ/Euro tour in 2000 and can give you alot of do's and don'ts.

    Good Luck!!
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