10C roll call for the Palace (Detroit)

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I have used 10C tix for toronto and camden in the past and I was very pleased with both locations (3rd row stone side and 8th row stone side).

my number is 221,xxx and I pray my seats on monday will be just as nice as those other two locations.

is anyone on this forum going to the palace show with 10C tix or have you attended a palace show in the past with 10C tickets? if so, what's your number range and where do you think we will be seated...??

PS: I am taking my HOT polish girlfriend to her first show!!

"lubię słuchać PJ"
bye for now.
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    We're going to the Palace Show too -- my # is 181... I've never been to one at the Palace - but did go to DTE and we were in the 20th row...... when we went to the Garden the first night, we were in the 3rd section on the Floor... it just depends on how many 10c members are going...
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    It should be better than Pine Knob as so many of the pavillion seats there are season tix holders...but yah it'll depend on how many fan club memebers are going and have lower numbers than you.
  • I'm going, it's my first ever show, my number is 357XXX, and I have absolutely no clue where that places me. Probably nowhere too great.
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    hourman wrote:
    PS: I am taking my HOT Polish girlfriend to her first show!!
    "lubię słuchać PJ"
    Big thumb up for Polish girls!! Save some beer for the rest of us!!!
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  • hourman wrote:

    my HOT polish girlfriend

    how much did that set you back?
  • i`ll be there, my number is 165xxx and last time they played the palace i got 10th row from the fanclub.but during the 2003 tour i had like 20 rows back, center at DTE cuz of all the season ticket hiolder getting the good seats, but they did give us free lawn seats to the second show to make up for it.
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    sounds like GR got a great show...

    lebron didn't get any good karma today from the cleveland show..., I wonder if rodman will show up at the palace tommorrow night..."yo bro tell us what's happenin' um i'm on the west, west side of, on the west coast, give me a jingle uh when you get in"

    can't wait, so excited!!

    see you ALL shortly!!
    bye for now.
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    hey what time do the doors open for the show at the palace??....i got 10C tickets but i'm to lazy to look up my number...

    seems like they played a kick ass setlist in GR, and the show in cleveland seemed kind of short......hopefully they put on a good show tomorrow after the big pistons win tonight!!
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