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2018 Missoula (Trump) Poster for trade

YourLightMadeUsStarsYourLightMadeUsStars New Brunswick, CanadaPosts: 19
I ended up with an extra poster from the Missoula show back in 2018.  You know, the one that depicts Trump getting picked apart by an eagle in front of a burning White House.  May be a tough sell but it does sum up his term quite nicely if anyone out there needs a souvenir. 

I've never sold a poster before and am not really looking for money. I thought maybe I could find a trade for one of the posters I've lost over the years.  Here are some shows that I no longer have a poster for but would love to have back. 

Boston 2006  (Both nights, Mammoth or Whale)
Philly 2013 (Night 1, Oct 21st I believe)
Denver 2014  (Skull)

I'll try my luck on the above posters but if you are interested in the Missoula one just let me know.  I am open to other trades or face value cost.


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