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Cover Battles



  • GlowGirlGlowGirl New York, NYPosts: 2,847
    brianlux said:
    A tough one:


    I have to go with The Cure on this one. 
  • MalrothMalroth broken down chevroletPosts: 2,245
    edited January 1
    We have this whole thread to ourselves guys! We should be playing Dirty Frank up in here!

    You know I gotta take it a step or two up.
    Here's one that my wife wouldn't appreciate the kids hearing.

    The worst of times..they don't phase me,
    even if I look and act really crazy.
  • OffSheGoes35OffSheGoes35 Posts: 2,852

    I was wondering when you were gonna get around to playing some music in here, Malroth. It's about damn time! 
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