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Please help my bro (

CC50086CC50086 Posts: 1
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Hi everyone, I am fundraising on behalf of my brother, Nate Condon, a huge PJ fan.  To briefly recap, while Nate was driving home on the evening of 6/12/20, he experienced extreme stomach and chest pain.  He immediately called his wife who called an ambulance.  He was rushed to University Hospital in Madison where he was diagnosed with pancreatitis.  In a stroke of bad luck, Nate has a very rare form of pancreatitis called PPP (pancreatitis, panniculitis, polyarthritis).  In the past three months, he has been in and out of the hospital six times and has lost an extreme amount of weight.  As you can imagine, his medical bills are piling up rapidly.  He will need at least one very serious and complicated surgery called the Whipple procedure at some point, that he might not make it out of.  He's done an amazing job dealing with all of this so far, I'm truly in awe.  And, I'd be remiss to not acknowledge how great his wife has done managing all of this....she's truly a rock star.  Thanks so much in amount too small!  Please help a fellow Jammer who's been a fan for over 20 years and seen many shows!  Be well, all.
Chris Condon

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  • hedonisthedonist standing on the edge of foreverPosts: 23,578
    Best of luck to your brother!  I had acute pancreatitis in June but it sounds like nothing close to what he experienced, and still is.

    You may want to post the link if anyone is inclined to read more and/or contribute ;)

    Good thoughts from here.
  • adamzembruskiadamzembruski Charlotte NC Posts: 1
    Hey Chris, sending love to you and your bro Nate. I'll jump into your Go Fund Me account and help out. An unrelated illness, I was destroyed by UC, ulcerative colitis, in 2002. Love of friends, family, amazing doctors, nurses, surgeons, many more got me through it. Ten, Vs., Vitology, etc was my soundtrack, specifically Given To Fly and Release had new meanings to me. I was pretty closed off to receiving love before all that and after all the unexpected love I received, it opened me up to love in a much deeper way, and Pearl Jam, lyrics, fans and music, and their work with EB, ALS, homelessness, etc - are like the planets aligning. PJ family and culture and fans are amazing and I'm so glad you made this post. I'm excited to contribute and please let Nate know, he's not alone, there's an army out there thinking of him. 
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