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FS: Chris Cornell Songbook Vinyl (FRM-1125)

mcrieckenmcriecken IndianaPosts: 259
Sleeve is VG/VG+ and the vinyl is NM condition and has only been played a few times. It has been kept in a vinyl sleeve except for taking the pictures below. Asking $275 shipped in the US.

St. Louis, USA 10-05-2004

Chicago, USA 08-23-2009

Indianapolis, USA 05-07-2010

Hartford, USA 10-25-2013

Lexington, USA 04-26-2016

Chicago, USA 08-20-2016

Chicago, USA 08-22-2016


  • Wish I had the $....
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  • F Me In The BrainF Me In The Brain this knows everybody from other commetsPosts: 25,359
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    I love mine, had no idea it was worth this much.
    Not parting with it, but was clueless.
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  • HughFreakingDillonHughFreakingDillon HeadstoniaPosts: 27,714
    hopefully vicki will have this reissued. would love this on vinyl. 
    (Track 10 of The Headstones' Nickels For Your Nightmares)

  • BLACK35BLACK35 Hanover, Ontario Posts: 21,534
    I love mine, had no idea it was worth this much.
    Not parting with it, but was clueless.
    I'm in the same boat, had no idea. 
    I just played mine last weekend,
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  • MattchewMattchew Posts: 1,242
    Nice, very tempting.
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