Gorge 1 or 2?

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Most of you know I went to both but some people seem to like Gorge 1 better. I personally enjoyed Gorge 2 because they played such amazing songs during that show. The only problem with it was that it was 15-20 minutes shorter than the night before but they still played 30 songs.
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    i only went to the first night...

    but judging just from setlists, i still like night 1 better.

    i was sick of seeing the severed hand opener. i saw that enough on the east coast leg.
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    To each their own, but I give Night 1 the nod. There was more energy and the light cloud cover turn the setset blood red. Very amazing scenery
  • Jason P wrote:
    To each their own, but I give Night 1 the nod. There was more energy and the light cloud cover turn the setset blood red. Very amazing scenery

    Yeah the scenery of Night 1 was a lot better but I thought that the main set of Night 1 was pretty average. I think Night 2 turned out better because after the first 8 songs or so it got cooler out and people were rocking out more down in the seating area. Night 1 I think 85% of the people with the seats were 10c members....Night 2 the people on the Lawn/GA, weren't as good as night 1.

    But I like Night 2 better, I have been DYING to hear Spin The Black Circle and Fuckin Up this tour and it was great!!
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    Only 1 No Code song out of 61 tunes played over 2 nights.

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    i didnt go to either gorge show, but based on setlist and setlist alone, Gorge 1 was better.
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    Milestone wrote:
    Only 1 No Code song out of 61 tunes played over 2 nights.


    Hail,Hail was the one I'd been wishing for all tour. Night 1 had some radiance about it. Something in the air that night. Going both nights were incredible as a whole, I look at it as one big concert, but if I had to pick, night 1!
  • Gorge 1 was a 10/10 in my book. Gorge 2 was 9/10. Both stellar, but if I had to choose 1 bootleg to buy and 1 show to have gone to, Gorge 1 by a hair.
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    its hard bcause I see them as one big show but night 1 was so damn special it has to be better out of the 2. Either way both nights were otu of this world.
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  • Gorge 1 was better. The anticipation, the punishing heat, the songs, the sunset, the vibe were better. Not by much, but better...
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    Objectively, Gorge 1 was slightly better.

    In the moment, Gorge 1 was clearly better. After that epic show, expectations were pushed just sky high for the 2nd and there were just bits of disappointment here and there (opening with Severed Hand?? Ending 1/2 hour earlier than last night???? It can't be, yellow ledbetter CANT be the last song now) Things like that.
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    I think the first night was clearly a better show all in all. My touring buddy said it very eloquently as we were walking to the car when they started ledbetter in what seemed way too early.

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    night one hands down.

    wash,rats, crown of thorns, dirty frank

    all over the camping area the next day the buzz was how they were gonna top that show??? to put it simply they didnt.
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    I'm just starting the night 2 bootleg, so i'll let you know in a couple of hours. Can't beat Severed Hand as an opener though.
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    I'm at the end of Even Flow on Gorge II and this show is much stronger in my opinion. The setlist is flowing better, band sounds tighter,and crowd is louder too!

    Ed's remarks about his shorts were hilarious too!
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    Both of these shows were awesome but I have to go with Gorge II, even though it was shorter. We got some of the tunes I was really wanting to hear on that night and some other amazing treats...In Hiding, Comatose, Marker, Big Wave, Gods' Dice, Animal, Garden, Army Reserve, I Won't Back Down, Little Wing with lyrics, Eddie singing GTF on the roof, not to mention Fuckin' Up! Both shows rocked but I give a very small edge to Night 2!
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  • Yeah I agree. That's just my reason why i think Gorge II was better, the songs they played were just amazing. Vitalogy is my favorite album and they played 5 songs from that album!

    I think if they would have played a 40 minute acoustic set before and one more song during the main set it could have beaten Gorge 05

    They still played 30 songs at the 2nd night
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    It's hard for me to choose. Night 1 for me was partly spoiled because of the Ten Club mess. I missed Wash, Corduroy and Hail Hail. For me though I still prefer night 2. The full band perfomance of Little Wing was epic. Waiting for Ed to get back from the roof after Given To Fly and just wondering what the hell was going on. Then all of the sudden he starts the first verse. The place went wild. I think night 1 gets too much credit because of Dirty Frank. There's a reason they haven't played it in 10 plus years. It sucks! Even Ed said so himself when he introduced it. Sure it was fun to hear but if it was played nightly it would probably be called the worst song of the set each night. Night 2 also had Marker In The Sand, Rats, I Won't Back Down and Fuckin Up. That's my case for night 2.
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    I'd have to say night two simply because my seats were better that night. Row 13 dead center. Not bad for 148xxx. Also, I made it in time for the whole show night one, but just barely, we left the campsite to pick up our seats at 4:00 for a 7:00 show, and people actually told me, "you should have gotten there earlier." Yeah, and stand in the heat for two more hours. But, like I said, I got to my seats (row 12 stone side) just before Wash.
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