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    Who does Ed dedicate the show to? You can hear it at the beginning of the boot. I assume it's to Boom's mom. Can anyone make out the name?
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    I thought Pearl Jam was great, was happy to hear Crazy Mary, and IMO Porch was great! Would be great if they were coming back to do a show at Alpine!
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    strtbykr wrote:
    I thought Pearl Jam was great, was happy to hear Crazy Mary, and IMO Porch was great! Would be great if they were coming back to do a show at Alpine!

    We all wish for ALPINE VALLEY. Keep hoping and maybe 2007 or whenever.
  • jamestr wrote:
    Who does Ed dedicate the show to? You can hear it at the beginning of the boot. I assume it's to Boom's mom. Can anyone make out the name?

    It sounded like "Colin Hill" to me.
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    Actually it sounds like Kalihoua. Definitely Boom's mom.

    Anyhow I'm am new to this board and have seen pearl jam numerous times. I was dissapointed to see the reviews of st paul but i was pleased to see we got an encore. I remember seeing Pj play a 6-7 song set the first time I saw them open for the peppers so I'm not complaining. (I have never missed a PJ show in Milwaukee/Alpine even though I had to buy scalped tickets on ebay for 6/30 because I havent renewed my FC membership for a loooooooong time) The 6/29 show was the better of the two in my opinion because the set flowed together more nicely than 6/30. (Playing around the bend and indifference back to back along with last kiss as an opener was kinda weird). I could have done without jeremy since I have seen that song so many times - I wish they'd go back to the "trance" version once in a while. They sure have changed a lot since the last time they played summerfest but then they are every bit as good. I still remember meeting them in 95 and seeing them play when lukin used to be called "100 pacer". They were a lot more reserved and conflicted then - now they have not only accepted their stardom but almost embrace it without getting overboard. I have seen just about every major act there is to see being a big concertgoer and even a stagehand for many years and NOTHING compares to pearl jam. All it takes is one show to convert someone and it was obvious with the majority of the petty fans around me changing their opinions. (there will always be close minded people - but i dont see how any true music fan cant at least respect how well this band plays together and always keeps things fresh)
  • Loved Pearl Jam! Hadn't seen them since Summerfest 1995! Brought back the love and now all I listen to is PJ. I've downloaded the bootleg and bought RVM, Yield, Riot Act and of course Pearl Jam.

    Tom Petty was good, but the best part of his show, was when Eddie came out and sang two songs. Awesome!

    Looking for a tattoo to show my love for the band! Any suggestions. Rock on!
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  • Petty was crap, he barely took two steps and I felt like I was listening to his greatest hits record...

    no more PJ/"insert other lesser band" shows for me... I want to see a 30+ song PJ concert....
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    Let me first say, this wasn't the best PJ shows I've seen in my life but definitely one of the best concert experiences ever. Starting with PJ, they were just so fucking intense tonight from life wasted all the way into porch, just rocked out, listen to the boot. Due to what they did in St. Paul, I didn't expect an encore, someone had to pull me and my friend down to keep us from getting a beer after the first set. And I'm so glad they did, they came back with Crazy Mary, Leash, and then Porch. I looked at my friend the whole time during the concert and said, "holy shit, we still have tom petty". Even petty fans were getting into PJ which was cool. I remember after PJ went off people were going: "That's a fucking opening band?" As far as Petty, very cool, even though he plays the same sets. Free fallin with fireworks was unforgettable, and The Waiting with Eddie, oh my god, I was going crazy. Then to close with American Girl was quite the moment as well. I went with someone who had never seen PJ before and now he is a diehard. Even petty fans were saying PJ was better. Overall, what a fucking night, and what an end to a great stretch of shows I've seen this summer.
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    Alpine 2007 :)
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    Alpine 2007 :)

    I sure as hell hope so!!!!
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