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Andrew Wood - Melodies and Dreams album?

fgalpernfgalpern Posts: 188
Somehow, I missed the release a few years ago of this record, Andrew Wood – Melodies and Dreams. Apparently, it's a collection of demos and includes a collaboration with Chris Cornell from the time they lived together. I can listen to that song on YouTube but would really like to have the whole album on CD or even digital would be cool. It does seem to be available on Spotify but I use Apple Music.  Here's a link to the record on Discogs:

Does anybody have any leads on finding this rare gem? Please PM if you can help :)

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  • fgalpernfgalpern Posts: 188
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    Well, it looks like I'm a dumbass! I already own this collection on CD as part of the Malfunkshun : The Andrew Wood Story box set from 2011. Maybe we can turn this into a review thread of this record. What do folks think of Andy's demos?
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  • The word I'd use is 'interesting'!
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