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Wrigley N2 2018

The final show of the month. There will be one more fanmail episode tomorrow, but outside of that, that’s all she wrote for our Wrigley coverage. Hope you’ve all enjoyed. Get to relive the rain and the evil goats on this one:


  • mschostokmschostok Chicago, ILPosts: 761
    Such a killer show. That start was incredible. I'd definitely give it a 9/10, a little sloppy here and there but that's what also added to the magic. 
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    Awesome podcast. Felt the need to comment because I believe this was one of the greatest shows, musically and setlist wise, that I've ever seen in my life up until this point. Im also a younger generation PJ fan and went to both of these shows for my 21st birthday with my girlfriend at the time. Flew up from New Orleans on the 17th and flew out on the 21st. I remember the thrill of this day in particular, it was mostly clear and started to become overcast later in the day. I remember worrying if the show was going to happen, and constantly checking 3 or 4 different weather apps to see what we were in for. By show time, the weather was coming in full force and I was thinking to myself  "this is just my luck." I thought for certain once the screens came up asking everyone to seek shelter that we were done for. I was on the phone with my parents trying to see if there was a way we could book an extra hotel day and a new plane ticket... I had already missed two days of school and work for this, what was another? Sitting in section 125 about half way up, we were literally one of the first seated sections under the roof and didn't get wet at all. Sitting there, I got to witness everything unfold right in front of me. I felt absolutely gutted for everyone who lost their space in GA, but honestly, I think the show made up for that! 

    Speaking of the show, I agree with the sentiment that GTF was re-written to be the opener. They needed that pop, and boy was it fucking LOUD. I think it was a combination of people having a few more drinks, and obviously the fact that this show was literally unfolding in front of our eyes. "Felt the rain and the breeze." Ed is so good with those moments. Compare to the slow burn of Wash > Low Light > Elderly Woman the show previous to this, this show opened with a pop then gave us Why Go >  Go > Last Exit > Mind Your Manners > Evolution.. What year was it?!?! I mean, like you said, they weren't fucking around! Funny little tid-bit for me, I've only seen 3 PJ shows since 2016, and from being a fan for awhile, especially in this past decade, I see a lot of newer fans from the last  20 or so years always chasing Last Exit and I've already gotten in twice  =)

    I also got Pinkpop vibes from the 'Rain' inclusion, but I love the more mature full cover version. I'm a massive Beatles fan as well, so getting to hear this felt special and just right for the situation. It will be one of those things that probably becomes forever tied to Pinkpop and now Wrigley... Hell its only been played in full by the band 9 times, and mostly during situations of rain (obviously). I think Throw Your Hatred Down was as 'highkey' of a shot at the Donald that we will get from Ed and the guys. Maybe Ed forgot about it in Boston, but I think this one was to be played once in each city on that tour. It was played very sparingly before that. I think that was Ed's way of letting the music talk and not waxing poetically about politics as more and more people were criticizing him at that time if I remember correctly.  

    To get a little controversial here, not sure why Ed included Even Flow in this one, and i'm sure he regret it as soon as that flub happened. It actually sounds like he says (or attempts to say) "sucka-on-my-dick", or at least thats what I remember. Everyone was laughing about it and having a good time. Funny though, when you compare both sets Even Flow is in the 11 hole on the first night, and on this night was in the 9th... Why not Once, or literally anything else high energy? Maybe even another deep cut like Faithful? So many possibilities. 

    U was incredible! One of the first rarities I ever got into on my own. Never ever thought I'd get it live because of how rare it was. Saw some chatter that it was played at soundcheck, but as we know that doesn't always mean you will get it at the show. Was absolutely astonished when they started it up. By that point I knew this was THE setlist. This show was either going to be underrated as hell to anyone who wasn't there, or we were about to get the best PJ show of the year... 

    In My Tree > Immortality > Daughter (Its Ok) > Unthought Known..... you're literally stepping into Jam Band territory with the choices here. this 20-30 minute block of songs felt so tight and less 'boring' for lack of a better term than if each of these songs would have if they were by themselves in a regular set. Funny tidbits for this section, as soon as In My Tree started I whipped out a joint that lasted all the way into halfway through Immortality. I was doinked to put it lightly. That song is made to be smoked too! I know the "Its Ok" tag has become a cliche at this point, but that was the first time I got to hear Daughter with any tag! At my first show in 2016, they played Daughter with NO tag, which is probably more rare in those days than not, but still. This show has made that tag my favorite tag of all time. "Its ok." World Series Champs. No more rain. its O.K.!! 

    Jeremy was so loud. I agree with what was said about those first notes. Loudest I have ever heard a crowd maybe. I actually have a video of the WHOLE crowd singing and latching on to every word, especially that bridge part. I got goosebumps and still do to this day when I think about it. That song unified everyone in the place. 

    Slow Patriot > Lukin > Porch. I agree on slow patriot being a comedown for Jeremy, but then once they jumped into it I was feeling it and felt something like Lukin or Porch was up next because Ed had a guitar, and low and behold we got both! 

    I loved the smoking pot in the scoreboard story, as you can probably already tell. It's funny, as I was smoking that joint from earlier and at the show on the 18th, I was wondering how many people have smoked pot in Wrigley fucking Field of all places, and then Ed comes out with that story haha! I also wasn't that particularly fond of the White Stripes cover, especially to start the second set, but I can see how it would be special to Cubs fans or people from Chicago. It went by quick though and if its never played again, it was a rare moment and we were there for it! 

    As for Come Back > Corduroy > Black > Lightning Bolt, weird decision from Ed on this one methinks. I would have done Come Back into Black immediately. Then Cords into LB, Ed plays the guitar on both the latter songs and they're both in standard tuning. He then follows LB with RVM, another Ed guitar song. Seems out of Ed's usual character to do that, but then again I'm not Ed. Props to him for the vocals on all those songs back to back to back to back though. He must have been winded.

    Good call by Ed to do RVM in the middle of that second set. I thought for sure because of the rain that was it, and then all of a sudden they start Smile, which got another amazing pop. I felt like anything could happen at that point. 

    And it did! Evil Little Goat! I was thinking for sure they would play it at some point because it was on N1 setlist. Then I figured maybe they would drop it with the rain delay as was said. I don't have much of a list with 3 shows under my belt, but you can for sure knock this off the list. Leash was a favorite of my girlfriend at the time after I explained to her the meaning of  the song. We were both hoping it would be played over the course of the 2 shows, lost a lot of hope when it wasn't played night 1, hoping it would be played late in the set N2 but then the rain left that up in the air. If you remember someone around here posted that Leash hadn't been played in Chicago since like 1992, so that was the push for that song in Chicago, and it worked! Everybody and their mother was screaming those lyrics. 

    Classic PJ encore. There was not a soul in that building that left mad or unsatisfied that night. 

    My top 3 moments (and i'll keep it short because I've already expressed as much as I can)

    3. Why Go > Go > Last Exit > Mind Your Manners > Evolution 
            - Being only 22, I never got to see the OG band perform fast one after fast one. This whole thing felt like something straight out the mid-              90's. This show had everything. 
    2. In My Tree > Immortality > Daughter (Its Ok) 
            -I was so high haha. ITS OK!!!
    1. Jeremy 
            -such a good LOUD moment. I go to that video of the crowd on my phone when people ask me whats the coolest concert I've been to. 

    My Rating: 9.0 out of 10.0 (in the history of PJ, 10 out of 10 personally) 
             - this show had everything, idk what else to say! 

    Well thank you for letting me take that trip down memory lane, even though it isn't that distant of a memory. You have for sure gained a new listener. I'm about to go listen to the other Wrigley show right now! I might have to go see the other thread on that one, and to see if you've done some of my favorite bootlegs yet! 

    Let me know if you ever do an episode on Jazzfest 16! Take a look at that setlist, probably one of the most underrated FESTIVAL setlists that PJ have done ever, and for sure one of the most under rated of 2016. I'd love to talk about my personal experience! 

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  • Sobelberg8Sobelberg8 Posts: 522
    Nice response there. Thanks for sharing all of that. Definitely check out all the Wrigley content from this month because it was all very good, especially the interviews
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