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Binaural 20th



  • tbergs said:
    100 Pacer said:
    igotid88 said:
    I've always enjoyed this version - the overdrive at the end of this take I don't think has ever been duplicated live elsewhere. 

    Grateful for Binaural in Toronto. 
    Perfection. They killed Grievance and Hail, Hail on Letterman. Best performances of both songs. I love Mike on this one and Stone on Hail, Hail. 
    hehe Stone literally forgets how to play Hail, Hail on Letterman
    looking to hear of the earth
  • E-G-A-GE-G-A-G Posts: 174
    on2legs said:
    E-G-A-G said:
    Here’s all my ticket stubs from Binaural tour. Happy Binaural day, y’all. 
    That’s awesome 😀
    Glad you liked it. I pulled them out of my ticket album. Hadn’t handled them in a while and I was feeling very nostalgic about Binaural tour, man. 
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