In lieu of the tour ...

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How are we coping with this social distancing? Audio concerts or PJ DVDs? Which are your favorites and why? 
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  • darwinstheorydarwinstheory LaPorte, INPosts: 4,709
    If my work shuts down, I will watch:

    1. The Cubs win the World Series 
    2. PJ20
    3. Let's Play Two
    4. Live at MSG 03
    5. A shit ton of recorded Dateline episodes  ;)
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  • AR288142AR288142 Posts: 15
    Excellent choices. 

    On my to-watch list: 
    1) Let's Play Two
    2) MSG 03
    3) Single Video Theory

    On my Must-listen list:
    1) Let's Play Two
    2) Seattle Nov. 6, 2000
    3) Philadelphia 10/21/13
    4) Philadelphia 4/29/16
    5) Both of The Home Shows (Which would make an excellent DVD, IMHO).
  • willbarclaywillbarclay Ottawa, Canada Posts: 3,298
    I was able to sneak in a Blackberry Smoke show last Thursday before they cancelled the rest of the Canadian tour.
    hell of a show and I grabbed a live DVD of theirs at the merch booth so I plan on ripping into that.
    netfix has a ZZ Top film I’ll watch too.
    David Crosby has a great documentary film out and it’s worth a watch. I also have tickets for his show in June (fingers crossed)

  • pearljammr78pearljammr78 Posts: 1,597
    I’m not a ZZ Top fan by any means but the documentary is awesome and has peaked my interest and makes me wanna catch them live(once this madness ends) Enjoy it!!
    Peace,Love and Pearl Jam.
  • mvwmvw Posts: 1,457
    I’m finally coping tonight!  Thanks Gigaton  ;)
  • vinyl boyvinyl boy Posts: 157
    When we need a break from Netflix 
  • RatherStarvedRatherStarved Posts: 2,292
    vinyl boy said:
    When we need a break from Netflix 
    I could be mistaken but I think all of those are on Nugs.
  • TJ305570TJ305570 Toronto Ontario Canada Posts: 3
    Sad on the weekend they were supposed to be in Canada 🇨🇦 however I’ve dug into the vinyl
    loving the Bey EdVed duet from global citizen and I particularly love the imagery in the DOTC video too ❤️
  • RatherStarvedRatherStarved Posts: 2,292
    Listening to Portland 7/20/06 on SXM app today.  Outstanding show.
  • JT167846JT167846 Posts: 536
    Neither. Stocking up on guitar strings to play along with the studio albums and learn some songs I don't know. With Gigaton coming out there will be a bunch I'll end up figuring out I reckon. Though that will be a while. I saw a bunch of people posting guitar covers of Fear Inoculum songs literally the weekend after it dropped. Just don't understand that at all-couldn't imagine trying to figure out PJ songs without a month or two of letting them wash over me heaps of times and discovering all that I like about them.

    Sorry rant over.
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  • RatherStarvedRatherStarved Posts: 2,292
    Listening to the Telluride festival show today.  Perfect for those seeking an extreme opposite mood to what you get from the news of the day.
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