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your never going to die
but i understand how i mourn
what you say
said i understand how you mourn

im here to release your fear
its an honor to go out
in a painful way
but if you say
that you will leave me

then i have to fight it off
on my own

you see im already gone
im already living forever
yet when i come down
or wake up on the ground
i have to fight it off

if i lose faith
what you say
if i lose faith

then this miracle i am
might change the whole world
so im suspending everything
in a state of loving

and making sure that you know
that im the best

i dont want to fight it off
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    your sick bra
    i knew you i think i was you
    but i never did
    im sick too

    just smile lets fly
    never even think of the first line
    when she figures it out
    than i will be her
    we all need a first word

    its been so long she
    looks at me bewildered
    like im the whip
    like im not hip

    or as if
    i cant show up and take over again
    she makes me smile
    cause i know
    that im born
    to be
    what a body never knows

    so i see that weakness come down
    and i never even think of a first line
    or where do i belong
    like who needs to see
    when your makin love
    who needs to see
    when your makin love
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    your the butterfly on my wall
    my wall is my soul
    im open letting in
    the water flows again
    the tedious predicament
    that we have
    dissapears as i grab
    what i love
    what you love

    then we can say hello
    and we can say goodbye
    cause this mind knows only
    what is given to it
    so what you love
    what i love

    is finding is is everything
    shes the king
    shes bigger than any president
    or more of a poetic leader
    shes the feeder
    but she aint no fish
    born in a place
    where all the people are rich
    and if she cries loud enough
    then it will be her way

    but i say with your hand cuffed
    why does she cry
    i said your hands are mine
    why does she cry

  • nice poems kev but i wanted this to be perfect poetry for elliot

    "what a disaster"
  • im a miracle
    walking breathing
    feeding on love
    a force of nature
    aint changin anything
    you hear me
    im not changin anything

    im a miracle
    im power comforting
    releasing this emotion
    moving on
    moving on
    moving on
    im not changin anything

    the light crosses at the top
    of three men with focus
    on examples
    and sacrifice
    im not changing anything
    you hear me
    you hear me

    im a miracle
    living forever

    this poem is not flowing folks

    have a jesus day
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    heres one i wrote when i was thirteen

    she left me
    she left me
    her friends are laughing at me
    in class
    she left me

    i thought i was alone
    when dad left home
    i thought i was down
    when momma goes out
    she left me

    question why
    i tell i love you
    and you just sigh
    i have no idea

    testing my self
    these teachers dont know
    when i love
    i try to feel it
    and then i want love in return
    she left me
    shes everyone
    shes gone

    i wonder if the doc could understand
    why this boy
    gets so upset
    when offerings of love
    become the pain ive known
    all along

    real bad feelings going on
    ouch it hurts
    where are your arms
    when i cry in the bed
    cant get dressed
    the heart doesnt mend {who wrote that}
    shes gone
    shes gone
    im gone
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     Just listening to him for the first time. Found from a basement on a hill. Damn
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