Pearl Jam at The Gorge 2020 - PLEASE!!!

aNiMaLaNiMaL Posts: 7,095
Here is to Pearl Jam playing The Gorge say in August 2020! 


  • probably not lol
  • aNiMaLaNiMaL Posts: 7,095
    probably not lol
    Great insight there, SandyRavage.  Thanks for commenting.  lol
  • mr bunglemr bungle Posts: 1,123
    Shit. i'll take September or early October!!  they are long overdue for some Gorge shows!
  • aNiMaLaNiMaL Posts: 7,095
    Ha!  How naïve was I? 

    OK, how about Play the Gorge in 2021?
  • ZodZod Posts: 8,674
    I really could go for a road trip to the Gorge.

    That being said, I'm guessing the band is probably going to focus on completing the dates we've already paid for.    Hopefully we get a Gorge show after that.

    It's crazy, that they've played the gorge 4 times, and the last 3 were within 11 months of each other.  Now it's been 15 years, even longer than the gap between the first and second shows.
  • quasiquasi Posts: 491
    Hope they just continue to stick with shows within city limits. Maybe the new Climate Pledge Area.
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