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Senator Al Franken



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    brianlux said:
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    mickeyrat said:
    brianlux said:
    What makes me laugh is that I have no doubt the US will elect another celebrity president again...and get fucked all over again...
    You might laugh but if he could and did run, I would vote for this celebrity:

    wouldnt laugh but it does make me curious why? given his political viewpoint....
    First of all, because he is very committed to working on the problem of global warming.  Secondly because I have a not very common or popular feeling about the office of president.  I think most decisions should be made by our representatives.  I don't want one man or woman to have a lot of power.  So to me, the POTUS should just be someone who is personable, articulate, smart and just basically a good person which I believe Arnold is. I don't really mind that he is conservative on some issues.  So am I, believe it or not.
    Does a “good person” knock up the house keeper and keep the love child a secret? He’s got the qualities of Strom Thurmond and Team Trump Treason all rolled into one. And his birth certificate will show he wasn’t born in the US so add Obama like quality as well.
    Yes, the man is imperfect.  Not everyone can be spotless and without sin like me.  (Wanna buy a bridge?  :lol: )
    I wonder where you (anyone, everyone) draw the line at what is okay to let slide for some, yet not for others.
    I didn't let it slide.  I never said it was OK. 

    And Arnold is not going to run for president.

    Can we move on now?
    Yeesh.  There's nothing to move on from; I was commenting like anyone else here.  And here I thought I made a thoughtful post above.

    Oh well.
    I guess I just get defensive about my drawing capabilities.  I used to be able to draw straight lines.  Sorry if I over-reacted!  :smile:
    No worries...over-reactions, pouncing and the like have become the norm here, unfortunately.  I was a little surprised this garnered a minor scolding, given the ever-running shitstorms in other threads.  I appreciate your apology though.  Thanks.
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    Regarding the environment 

    "Mostly I think that people react sensitively because they know you’ve got a point"
  • brianluxbrianlux Moving through All Kinds of Terrain.Posts: 32,323
    Regarding the environment 

    Ahh, yes!   Despite whatever shortcoming the man has, he understands what's up with that.

    “In all human affairs there are efforts, and there are results, and the strength of the effort is the measure of the result.”
    -James Allen

  • "Mostly I think that people react sensitively because they know you’ve got a point"
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