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I just bought the album from Stereolab, Cobra And Phases Play Voltage In The Milky Night. Who else here has heard of Stereolab? They're pretty far out.
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  • One of the few artists that I don't have original cd's/vinyl for, I have their entire discography on mp3. Some of it is a bit much for me, but I've found a lot of their music to be very relaxing. I especially enjoy it in the background when I'm working, because I can't lose my focus by singing along. It's weird bc I've never gotten into a band's music for a reason like that, but it just kinda happened with Stereolab. Strange.
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    They are getting back together next year and I could not be more excited. Ed turned me on to them when he was tagging The Noise of Carpet onto Daughter during the 96 tour. Went out to buy ETK the next day. Been a massive fan since. 

    Other people here dig them right? Anyone else get turned onto them by the Daughter tag (which needs to come back BTW - Or hell, the band should cover it in full. Or French Disko).

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    Reissues. Tour dates. 

    I'm flipping out. I forgot how exciting it is to get so much band news in 1 day.

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    Reissues of Emperor Tomato Ketchup, Dots and Loops and Cobra are up now. 

    2500 on clear vinyl.
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    I ordered Emperor Tomato Ketchup. Love this album. I fucking love first track. Should be 40 minutes long. Crazy, sturdy, a torpedo,...
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