Wanted: 2 x tickets to Neil Young Hyde Park

To my horror (and disbelief) the Neil/Bob gig has sold out. Seems weird. 150,000 capacity. I've never known a Hyde Park gig sell out this far in advance before. Anyhoo, I digress. If anyone's got a couple of tickets spare to sell I'd be eternally grateful. Thanks!


  • goldrushgoldrush everybody knows this is nowherePosts: 4,718
    Tickets are still available through the Neil Young Archives site
    “Do not postpone happiness”
    (Jeff Tweedy, Sydney 2007)

    “Put yer good money on the sunrise”
    (Tim Rogers)
  • Gravey1975Gravey1975 Posts: 6
    Thanks goldrush. Someone on a NY group pointed that out to me earlier too and I've now managed to get the tickets. Appreciate your help!
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