Luke Perry has passed away from a massive stroke, 52 RIP



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    PJ_Soul said:
    PJ_Soul said:
    Didnt Kelly get passed around like a football?
    She and Dylan got married in the end.
    Wasnt that Donna and David?   
    Yeah, they got married, but at that wedding Kelly and Dylan realized they were meant to be together forever and decided to get married too.
    Ahh ok.  

    Im not even ashamed to say that i just bought Seasons 9 and 10 on dvd today. :lol:  Luke Perry was the man.  I was so happy when he came back to the show
    Nothing to be ashamed about! I rewatched the entire series last year I guess it was, and I enjoyed every minute of it! If anything, i actually enjoyed it more now than I did when it aired, lol.
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