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hello all! 

I am a film student at the colorado film school. I am creating a short around a person who records vocals over a tape in their apartment in an effort to join a band. 

I thought it it would be cool to use footsteps and make it some what of a true story. 

To submit my film into our awards show I need written permission to use the song. Can anyone by chance point me in the right direction? 

Thank you! 


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    Probably have to go through ASCAP or someone of the likes. 
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    You need a sync license, which is granted by the song's publisher, as well a master use license, which is granted by the owner of the recording (usually the record label, or the band, if the rights have reverted back to them.)
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    “I know this song so well, I can smoke a cigarette, have a drink, brush my teeth, take a shit, and mow the lawn while singing it. But I'll only be doing a couple of those things during this version.”
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