What newer bands are you into? Looking for suggestions on newer bands.

I'm looking for some new bands to check out. Suggestions!!



  • tempo_n_groovetempo_n_groove Posts: 20,437
    The Weeks
    All Them Witches
    Car Seat Headrest is sorta new

    Soccer Mommy


    Snail Mail
  • drakeheuer14drakeheuer14 Posts: 2,623
    Rare Creatures! 
    Pittsburgh 2013
    Cincinnati 2014
    Greenville 2016
    (Raleigh 2016)
    Columbia 2016
  • PJ_SoulPJ_Soul Vancouver, BCPosts: 47,767
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    I agree with All Them Witches and Car Seat Headrest (if either are considered new - both have been around for some years, but...).
    I am also a big fan of Andra Day, if that kind of music is your thing (Modern Soul/Jazz/touch of R&B I guess?). Her voice is so amazing IMO.
    Jacob Banks is also great in that genre (came along in 2013 though - not very new).
    Also, Fantastic Negrito is great.

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