One Small Fee

Spit in a tube for one small fee,
Ancestry found my brother's of 3.
Dear "Daddy" kept a secret you see,
Because none of them knew the slightest.
Oh, Cousin Oh, Cousin! From where did you come?
I can't find my family, and you might know some.
"I can't seem to help you", he said in reply.
I was adopted,  And like you I've tried. 
His son took the reigns, With info in hand.
 Determination in his heart, The journey began.
It wasn't long after, Revealing his life, 
Going through hell, the first years of his life.
His mother had signed him over to state.
A gift in return, A great family fate.
A brother and sister soon came into play. 
Which they learned of his birth,
Upon Aunties last days. 
Dear Daddy, Her brother,
Took me to his grave.
But with the help of my new cousins,
A family was saved.


  • donnaruhldonnaruhl Posts: 2,152
    I've shared a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas with my new family. 
    I'm still yet to meet the cousins responsible for everything. One is in Iowa, the other in North Carolina.
    The pieces fit, For them and for me. No longer the mystery X part of the family.

  • vogonpoetbythelakevogonpoetbythelake Posts: 2,146
    edited January 2019
    so happy for you donnaruhl, thank you for sharing your joy so poetically!
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